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According to http://ecommerze.blogspot.com/search/label/Legal, i am reviewing the post if "UK to get tough with illegal downloader". I notice that many people are like to download everything online either legally or illegally such as songs, movies, articles and journals, picures and so on. However, UK government is trying to against illegal downloaders by coming out a new law that can be cut off their internet connection. In UK, there are estimated around 6 million people are downloading files illegally. These illegal downloading of music and film are costing the industry to lose million of pounds in revenue every year. The contents of the new proposed law such as detail of customers suspected in illegal downloading can be made available to the courts.

In my opinion. Internet is the virtual world that we can perform many things through online but not everything is right to do. We don’t have any law specifically against the illegal downloaders. However, a new law been built in UK government is to be fairness, protect human being and copyright of the industry. The new law may reduce number of illegal downloaders and pirated material. Even the new law works, there still have the problem. It may not be eliminated as there are many ways to cover up the crime. The people like university students are willing to take risk to download the copyright materials because they are no need to spend a lot of money to buy th original copy for the materials.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is a group which represent the recording industry distributors in the United States. The goal are:
  • To protect intellectual property rights worldwide and the Firse Amendment Rights of artists;
  • To perform research about the music industry;
  • To monitor and review relevant laws, regualtions and policies.

According to ariticle form New University website, the best way to prevent a violation of copyright laws is by educating students about using peer-to-peer software programs correctly.The latest movement by the RIAA has sparked renewed concerns by UCI's (University of California, Irvine) Networking and Academic Computing Services over students' understanding of what is and isn't legal to download. Many students on campus as regular users of peer-to-peer file sharing programs, UCI has to remind its students about the issue of copyright protection.

Beside, the new approach is RIAA cooperate with individual Internet service providers. RIAA will ask ISP such as Verizon, Comcast, AOL or universities to issue warnings to their customers who are suspected of illegally downloading files to which they do not own the copyright. Warnings range from slower Internet service to verbal or e-mail warnings.

Lastly, there is no free lunch in reality; we must pay before we get anything. So, we need support the original copy of material and avoid download illegally and pirated materials.


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E-Government in Malaysia: Its Implementation so far and citizen's Adoption Strategies

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E-Government, a short form for electronic government, can also know as e-gov, digital government, and online government. In nowadays, the popularity forevery household that owns a computer or laptop has been increase significantly. Range or age for internet users is no longer limit for working group or adults.Even a 9 years old kid also knows how to use internet network. Due to the advance and improvement ofinternet network, our livingstyle started to change into the world of internet. With just one click one hand, we are able perform a lot of tasks by just staying in home.

The function of E-Government is to provide government services to citizens so that they can access and get the latest government information and issues. E-Government not only the spectrum of government operations, it also includes citizen-government,business-government, and government-government transactions.

Since the initiation of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Malaysian government started the implementation of E-Government. Multimedia Super Corridor is Malaysia's most exciting initiative for the global information and communication techonology (ICT) industry. So far, E-Government in Malaysia was implementing few projects, the projects are as follow:

Generic Office Environment (GOE)

Introduce a fully integrated, distributed and scalable office environment that leverages use of multimedia information technology. This project will lead to a efficient communication and make sure right information will deliver at right place, right people, and a right time, There will be three phases which are Pilot Phase, Operational Phase and Rollout Phase.

Electronic Procurement (eP) Project

The aim is to re-engineer, automate, and transform current procurement system. This implementation will help in time and money savings while encourage suppliers to go for electronic systems. This eP project had introduced the www.eperolehan.com.my, suppliers can access to the website to obtain tender documents and submit bids through internet. For those conservative suppliers that worry about security issues, the system was equipped with smartcards in order for them to transact with the ePerolehan system. In addition, suppliers also can present their products, receive, manage and process purchase orders, and receive payment from government agencies through ePerolehan.

Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

One of the E-Government projects that provide single interface for government employees to perform human resource functions effectively and efficiently. Besides, all human resource processes for federal, state, statutory body, and local authority services will be standardize and improve. This project by government is support by the Public Service Department (PSD).

Project Monitoring System (PMS)

This project objective is to create a mechanism to monitor project implementation throughout various government agencies and statutory bodies. PMS also offer stage so that can exchange ideas and make best practices models as an illustration in information management and communication services. There will be three services under PMS, which are Application Services, Data Services, and Communication Services.

Electronic Services Directory (eServices)

The coming project under Electronic Services Directory will be Electronic Services Delivery. The success of implementation of this project will bring benefits to citizens. As citizens of Malaysia will able to engage in transactions with government and utilities payments such as telephone and electricity bill, police summons, Road and Transport Department (RTD) service and others. Citizens of Malaysia can use the eServices by access to the Internet and kiosk machines. Under the eServices project, it will break down to three phases which are utility bill payment services, opportunity to extend the rollout, and lastly the development of vehicle registration and licensing which is currently still in progress.

Electronic Labor Exchange (ELX)

The aim of this project is to improve the mobilization of human resources and optimize work force utilization through systematic matching of job seekers to job vacancies. This will further reduce the unemployment rate and boost up the economy in Malaysia.


To improve the quality of service in Syariah courts. The purpose is to enhance the Islamic Affairs Department to maintain a better monitoring and co-ordination of its 102 Syariah courts. The applications that available are such as Syariah Court Case Management System, Office Automation System, E-Syariah Portal, Syarie Lawyers Registration System and Library Management System.

Citizen's Adoption Strategies:

Government has plan to improve the quality in order to provide Malaysia’s citizens the better services. Followings are the challenges faced by government:

Customer Satisfaction - A higher level of customer satisfaction will increase the rate of e-Government adoption. Satisfaction can be measured in term of quality and quantity and information availability.

Services quality - Higher quality of service will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and thus can increase the use of e-government services. Quality refers to content provided, speed of the response to the citizens concerns with problem solving approach as well as the availability of names.

Website design - Webpage design must be user friendly. Personalization of websites, customization of product offerings, and self-care are the three key features that could be used not only to build relationship with the visitors, but also to enhance their experience.







A discussion on E-learning offered in Malaysian Universities: Pros and Cons from the students perspective - The Virtual Class VS The Real One

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The market for corporate interactive distance learning-now known as "e-learning"-has boomed along with the growth in the Internet and corporate intranets (Morri. A,1997). According to Allison Rossett (2001), E-learning is defined as Web-based training (WBT), or on-line learning. It is a technology based training that resides on a server or host computer that is connected to the World Wide Web; training is delivered partially or entirely through electronic hardware, software, or both. In short E-learning is learning that involves the acquisition, generation and transfer of knowledge using information and communications technology.According to the U.S. Department of Education 63.4% of all colleges and universities in the United States now offer distance learning courses, However, Geteducated.com, a consulting agency for distance educators, estimates the online student dropout rate at around 35%, while the average attrition rate for college freshman at U.S. universities is around 20%. Just like anything else, E-Learning has its pros and cons, and in this section we will discuss it in the perspectives of students.

Material warehouse-Virtual Learning environment are being used primarily as repositories for materials rather than being used in more imaginative ways to support learning. This would make the learning process very boring and causes students to lack enthusiasm and motivation easily.
Minimal communication- Lower interaction between students since social interaction is replaced with non face to face communication with full use of technology such as instant messaging, discussion forums and email. Students will face difficulties in expressing themselves verbally, which will later affect the process of cultivating relationship. Furthermore, online classes, conferences and discussions are limited in time and totally exclude emotional interactivity.
Poorer understanding- According to a survey carried out by Professor Brown from Michigan University, it was reported that online students had as much as 10-percent of poorer understanding of the material. Reasons attributing to this findings include online students had jobs and other responsibilities that pulled their attention away, resulting in a 0-3 hours of study per wee
Additional hardware and hardskills-Requires computer, software programs and connection to the internet to attend class. Poor internet connection or system failure will turn impact the learning process adversely. On top of this, students are required to learn new or enhance computer and troubleshooting skills constantly.
Higher discipline- Distractions are easily available in terms of attending class and logging in into other programs such as facebook, turning on a movie or doing other works simultaneously. Students also require high discipline to manage their time and studies efficiently.
Education credibility-ELearning experience in the enrolled college/university might not be properly accredited. This cause the students to bear the risk that their certificate will not be recognize.


Pervasive and integrated: E learning has become an important tool that makes learning easier. Technologies are being used extensively by students to find, manage, produce and support their work. They also use the internet to access expert knowledge and have an expectation of being able to communicate with anyone, about anything, when they want to.

Personalized: Students can mix and match between the various technological tools such as media, sites, tools, content, etc to suit their individual need. They can use the computer, internet and books simultaneously. Learning is now interactive and multifaceted especially with the strategies such as annotation and adaptation of materials.

Social: Students are part of a wider networked, community of peers. They are members of a range of communities of practice to share resources, ask for help, peer assess as well as job opportunities. Networking is easier as students have both university connection and statewide folks.

Changing skills set: Students need and are demonstrating new skills in terms of harnessing the potential of technologies for their learning. These include developing skills of evaluation and an ability to critique and make critical decisions about a variety of sources and content. Students are becoming sophisticated at finding and managing information.

Flexibility and mobility: Technologies provide students with more flexibility in terms of being able to undertake learning anytime, anywhere. Some students also work part time/full time, live hours away from campus or has family obligation that do not allow them to pursue campuses degree. Learning options are no longer constrained by their geographic.


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Online Students Don't Fare as Well as Classroom Counterparts, Study Finds, Dan Carnevale, The Chronicle of higher Education, February 25, 2002, retrieved from chronicle.com/free/2002/02/2002022501u.htm

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Corporate Blogging: A new marketing communication tool for companies

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What is corporate blogging? Corporate blogging is a new marketing communication tool, called weblog that used and published by an organization to reach its strategic/organizational goals. Currently, most of the browsers (supported by RSS technology) such as Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer enables readers to easily read the posts that recently posted by organization without visiting the blog directly. There three type of corporate blog which are external, internal and CEO Blogs.

  • Internal Blogs
    As its name, it is a blog that can view by employees of the organization through accessed the organization’s Intranet. The blog is communal and just allow the employees to post any comment to the blog. This can encourage employee to participate in free discussion of issues; direct communication between various layers of an organization and collective intelligence. By this, employees will have a sense of community and more commitment toward organization.

    Besides, it can also be used in
    e-mail discussions and meeting, especially for those stay in different locations or have conflicting schedules. It also can attract those individuals who may not aware or visited, to take part in the discussion to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

  • External Blogs
    An external blog is
    weblog that is available publicly where organization’s employees, spokespersons or teams can share their views. It is used to explain and clarify policies, to announce new products or services, to react on public criticism on particular issues, or to announce new research and development in products to improve brand and organizational image. It is like an informal press release, allows a window to the organizational culture and allows any comments to be made to the posts. It can seen that the external blogs can provides a more honest and direct view about the organization than traditional communication channels, however, they are one type of public relations tools and may be biased.

  • CEO Blogs
    Blogging among CEOs is becoming popular nowadays although there are some debates on whether CEOs have to blog or not.

Corporate blogging has become the new marketing communication tool for companies because it is a way of promoting relating to the products/services of the companies. (The posts and comments can reach and follow easily through generally structured conversation threads and centralized hosting.)

Moreover, it can be more accessible by executives since the corporate blogging are an “
unparalleled information gathering mechanism”. It can reduce the costs for the organizations in searching and gathering ideas and thoughts through the blogs.

The organizations also can decrease the time in responding to employees’ or customers’ valuable and important enquiries and feedback. They can view the blogs immediately after the comments/enquiries/feedbacks being posted and interacting with customers/employees more efficiency. Through corporate blogging, customers’/employees’ satisfaction will increase as they know that their comments are concerned by the organization.

Furthermore, corporate blogging is a
form of advertising for companies because customers will review and go through the blog frequently to update themselves with the new information of the companies. This has become an advertisement to customers
indirectly because variety of information available in the blogs. It makes the companies easy to meet potential customers and increase their sales. Through corporate blogging, organizations are also able to enhance the trustworthiness and boost up their credentials. This is why it has become a success marketing communication tool for the companies.

However, by using corporate blogging, there are several risks for the companies. Corporate blogging might make it easy to
breach information security; defamation and invasion of privacy; and loss of company confidentiality. Besides, customers/employees will expect that the companies will update the blog regularly. However, to writing a blog, companies have to spending more time and incur more costs to it which may cause the companies to incur about $800billion in productivity every year. It is very costing for the companies.

In conclusion, the corporate blogging is a very successful communication tool in delivering the message/information of the companies since it has brought more benefits even though the risks come along with it. Thus, the companies have to maintain corporate blogging by eliminating the potential risks in order to communicate effectively with their customers and employees.

The followings are the top 15 popular Corporate blogs [Tachnorati ranked]- May 2008

15 Most Popular Corporate Blogs (Technorati ranked) – May 2008
Google – Authority: 8492
Adobe – Authority: 1797
Flickr – Authority: 1744
Facebook – Authority: 1478
Yahoo! Search – Authority: 1130
Dell – Authority: 799
Digg – Authority: 641
LinkedIn – Authority: 591
Ask – Authority: 364
General Motors – Authority: 364
Yahoo! – Authority: 297
Delta – Authority: 252
Kodak – Authority: 105
Monster – Authority: 73
Boeing – Authority: 67
New PR Wiki, provides the listing of corporate blogs.

For more information about corporate blogging, can visit following website:
http://money.cnn.com/2006/02/28/news/companies/pluggedin_fortune/index.htm http://www.socialtext.net/bizblogs/index.cgi?fortune_500_business_blogging_wiki



A Review on a post on E-Tailing from My E-Commerce Blog - Wal-Mart to implement product review systems

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This is the review after I had read one of the post regarding e-tailing, which is ‘Wal-Mart to implement product review systems’ from My E-Commerce Blog. Wal-Mart is an American public corporation that runs a chain of large, discount department stores.

Recently, Wal-Mart had implemented a new system for customers able to review and rate the product and merchandise through Wal-Mart’s website. The purpose of this system had been explained by the Walmart.com Chief Marketing Officer, Cathy Halligan. She said that Wal-Mart decided to launch this system is to get more feedback from customers and therefore improve their services to serve them better in the future. Amazingly, the review and rating that Wal-Mart received from customers are double the number of expectation amount.

Wal-Mart, one of the world’s largest retailers, has been conduct business through e-tailing. By implement the review and rating feature, Wal-Mart makes a significant improvement by increase customers’ loyalty towards their product, merchandise, and services. Besides from that, Wal-Mart, a typical store whole seller, had also launched a new program called ‘Site-to-Store’. This program allows customers to order products through online, and then Wal-Mart will ship the products to a local Wal-Mart store for free. It gives convenience to customer to pick up their orders at the nearest Wal-Mart store that the product been sent.

Wal-Mart believes that by providing the No. 1 customer requested feature through online, it will bring benefits at the moment and in the future. For example, in the future when Wal-Mart comes to a decision on which products got the potential market to generate high sales. At that moment, Wal-Mart can interacts with customers that had posted their review or rating and based on that management is able to make an analyst and make decision on which products to place order and sell it to the customers.

So, I believe that every customers that purchase products through online always unable to express their review or suggestion due to there is no review system been provide from that particular website. That’s the reason and strategies why Wal-Mart started to implement product review systems. This is exactly what customers want. I believe Wal-Mart will improve their services at Walmart online to give customers a better experience when they purchasing through online.





The application of pre-paid cash card for consumers

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Prepaid credit/cash card is a payment card pre-loaded with your own money, which you can then use wherever the payment card is acceptable. A prepaid card is not a credit facility, so you do not need to pass a credit check. Even if you have bad credit you are guaranteed to be approved for a prepaid card. Prepaid cars differs from debit card which is linked to your saving accounts and credit card where credits are extended. Its benefits include:

  • Safe alternative to carrying cash – just carry a plastic card
  • Keep track and control spending – Limit depends on the amount reloaded into the card. In other words, no money no talk!
  • Usage – pay bill, purchase via online, withdraw cash from ATM, transfer money and etc
  • Portability – usable as long as Visa/ mastercard is acceptable, depends on the type of prepaid card, Replaces traveler’s cash
  • Fringe benefits – cash back programmes, points earning

Examples of application of pre-paid cash card for consumers in Malaysia are:

Tune Money Prepaid Visa Card

  • First prepaid visa card targeting at students aged 18 and above
  • Launched by Tune Money Sdn Bhd ( Related to AIrAsia
  • Earns Tune points and has cash back program
  • RM 9.99 annual fees + transaction fees per reload charges at selected bank and ATM withdrawals
  • Acceptable anywhere where Visa is acceptable

Red Card

  • Launched by Tune Money Sdn Bhd as a complement to Tune Money Prepaid Visa Card
  • Prepaid visa card in Malaysia targeting for students aged 15-17
  • Works like an electronic wallet which helps parents to keep track on their teenaged kids spending
  • online tracking system with online statements which makes it easy for the parents to keep close track of their children's spending.
  • Only parents can apply for their teenaged kid.
  • Rates are similar with Tune Money Prepaid Visa Card

AmBank NexG Prepaid Mastercard

  • Launched by AmBank
  • The Starter Pack currently retails at RM25 each, each starter pack carries discount and cash vouchers worth RM300 and NexG cardholders will enjoy RM10,000 free PA upon registration
  • Reload Limit of RM10,000

Touch and go

  • Used mainly to pay toll
  • Can be used to pay for parking as it substitutes the ticket
  • Usable for public transportation payment such as Rapid KL, KTM and LRT provided the machine is functional.

Prepaid calling card

  • Used to make both domestic and international phone calls
  • No connection nor hidden charges
  • Distributed by eCallChina



Electronic Currency

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Electronic currency also can call as e-money, electronic cash, electronic money, digital money, digital cash or digital currency. It refers to money or scrip which is exchanged only electronically and this also involves use of computer networks, the internet and digital stored value systems. The examples of electronic currency are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and direct deposit.

The use of the various types of electronic money has not experienced a considerable popularity but it is being tried out in different parts of the world. The countries are widely using this technique of electronic cash system such as Singapore and Hong Kong. This technique is basically used for debits and credits or for exchanging values either online or offline.

One of the e-currency is Octopus card system was launched in September 1997 to collect fares for the territory's mass transit system. It was the first contactless smart card system in the world and has since grown into a widely used payment system for virtually all public transport in Hong Kong. Octopus card is a rechargeable contactless stored value smart card used to transfer electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. The Octopus is used for payment at convenience stores, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, on-street parking meters, car parks, and other point-of-sale applications such as service stations and vending machines.

Payment processor for e-currency can sell own e-currency directly to the end user like Paypal or other payment processor like e-gold and Liberty Reserve can sell through digital currency exchangers (in this manner you exchange e-currency for real money like EURO, USD dollars). E-gold is an e-currency might be fully backed by gold and Liberty Reserve is an e-currency that non gold backed or both gold and non gold backed.

e-gold is a digital currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage. Other e-metals are also issued and 100% back by the corresponding metal: e-silver, e-platinum, and e-palladium.
e-gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money.

Liberty Reserve Liberty Reserve is incorporated in Costa Rica. It is a 100% irrevocable payment system allowing you to send or receive money to or from anyone in the world.An offshore Trust protects Liberty Reserve and is always backed 100% by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold for LR-gold accounts, etc.

The benefits of e-currency:

- Send and receive money instantly to family, friends and business associates over the world;

- The users can make payments 24 hours a day from anywhere you are through payment processor and have possibility to connect to internet

- Take credits in real tame online payments from selling goods and services, online games, auctions, and etc.

- Open free e-currency account signup

- Email payments to any email address; request payments from anyone with an email address;

- Lower merchant fees than credit cards

- Value security systems for PIN verification of spends


  • http://www.sellingonnet.net/online-means-payment/various-types-electronic-money/

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